Bye January!

The first month of 2016 is almost over.

I’m slowly but surely creeping out of Baby Shower/Christmas/New Year, New Me debt.

I had successfully planned and hosted my cousins bridal shower a year ago so when she announced she was pregnant, her best friend and I stepped up to plan her baby shower. It’s stressful planning and hosting a party with 50 people but I think I’m good at it and I think everyone had a great time. Baby Aleksija Auleny was born on December 8th, she’s absolutely adorable and sends me into baby fever whenever I’m around her.


I don’t usually put things on my credit cards but the baby shower in November really put me behind financially and this year I had a bunch of Secret Santas and extra people to buy for. Christmas is my favourite holiday and even though it was just as lovely this year, I was exhausted.

As for the New Year, New Me debt, I signed up for Weight Watchers, got myself a cute turquoise Fitbit and chopped 3 inches of dead, damaged hair off my head. All of the three were very necessary, very worthwhile purchases.



It’s been a month since I signed up for Weight Watchers and I’ve come to two major conclusions. The first is, I’m eating too much of all the wrong things and the second is I’m not going hard enough.

I have always had serious issues with food. I binge eat and I seek comfort in that uncomfortable full feeling I would get after eating way too much. I miss it, that bursting, heavy feeling in my stomach as crazy as that seems. I also mindlessly eat and I self-sabotage after a good eating day. I’ll catch myself thinking ‘oh, I didn’t eat breakfast this morning’ only to remember I had toast and 2 cookies. Last week I was having an excellent eating day with 6 points to spare and instead of eating those 6 points, I ate 3 croissants.

As I said, I’m not going hard enough. I’m not measuring and tracking diligently enough and I know this because a.) I catch myself doing it all time and b.) The scale is not moving down the way it should. I’m eyeballing condiments and cups of rice and recipes. I sometimes track after the day is done only to realize I had one too many double doubles and maybe those fries at Swiss Chalet wasn’t the best decision.

In February I’m committing to strict tracking and portioning, I know this will make a huge difference.

Does anyone have any monthly goals for February? I’d love to hear them! 🙂