Sunday: An Adult Affair

My work schedule doesn’t give me two days off in a row, so I never have a real weekend but I’ve come to love Sundays.

Sunday is the only day I don’t wake up to an alarm so I like to leave my curtains open so I  can wake up naturally.

I usually schedule my week so that I don’t have to leave my house on Sundays, which is ideal. Because I’m off my boobs are too, so I go au natural.

I get around to doing some laundry and actually put the laundry away while watching a movie or tv show I’ve probably seen a hundred times before. Today it was X Files.


I like to cook and only get a chance to on Sundays so I make big batch meals that everyone can eat through the week. I turn yummy things like this


into this


and eat eventually eat dinner.


I also like to figure out my breakfasts and lunches and their smart points for the week. I’m a horrible impulse/mindless eater so I feel taking the time to go through what I’m going to eat sets me up for success.


After dinner I like to slather my head in Josie Maran argan oil. Between the blonde that I put in it every year, blow drying, and flat ironing, I really put it through the ringer. I like to think (and pray) the argan oil helps a little.


To end the day I get into a freshly laundered bed, watch some more tv or catch up on some reading.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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